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The Vedanta eBook App is a collection of all Spiritual eBooks on Upanishads, Gita, Advaita Vedanta, Meditation, Yoga and Ramakrishna-Vivekananda-Sarada Devi that can now be instantly downloaded and read on your Apple iPad/iPhone/iTouch. Compatible from Apple iOS 4.3 platform onwards.

Features include instant purchase and downloading of book through Apple iTunes id and Search facility/Zoom provided in the books.

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Swami Vivekananda The Charm of His Personality and MessageSwami AtmashraddhanandaAvailableAvailableAvailableYesEnglish
A Pilgrimage to Western Ghats Temples KarnatakaSwami AtmashraddhanandaAvailableAvailableAvailableYesEnglish
Swami Adbhutananda As We Saw HimSwami SatswarupanandaAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Living Imprints of Indian CultureVedanta KesariAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
The Secret of HappinessSwami BrahmeshanandaAvailableAvailableAvailableYesEnglish
Universal PrayersSwami YatiswaranandaAvailableAvailableNoYesEnglish
Walking the Walk - A Karma Yoga ManualSwami TyaganandaAvailableAvailableAvailableYesEnglish
Swami Ramakrishnanada: The Apostle of Sri Ramakrishna to the SouthCompilationAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Yoga In Day - to - Day LifeSwami BrahmeshanandaNoAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Swami Vivekananda, Modern Science and Human ExcellenceDr Sanjay Sharad PalsuleAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Sixteen Facets of Self-RealizationSwami SrikantanandaAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Man the Known and Man the UnknownSwami RanganathanandaAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
The Divine LifeSwami YatiswaranandaAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Sankara Digvijaya: The Traditional Life of Sri SankaracharyaSwami TapasyanandaAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
A Primer of HinduismSarma D SAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Adventures in Religious LifeSwami YatiswaranandaAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
As the apostles saw her Raghaveshananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Divine GraceRanganathananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
In the Lap of the HimalayasAkhandananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Invitation to Holy CompanyJnanatmananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Laghuvasudeva MananamTapasyananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Paths of MeditationSwami SiddhinathanandaAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Saints and MysticsSwami GautamanandaAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Service of God in ManAkhandananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Spiritual Quest Questions and AnswersTapasyananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu: His Life Religion and PhilosophyTapasyananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Sri Madhvacarya: His Life, Religion & PhilosophyTapasyananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Sri Nimbarka: His Life Religion and PhilosophyTapasyananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Sri Ramakrishna UpanishadRajagopalachari CAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Sri Ramakrishnas Thoughts on Man World and GodTapasyananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Sri Ramanuja: His Life Religion and PhilosophyTapasyananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Sri Vallabhacarya: His Life Religion and PhilosophyTapasyananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Sri Visnu SahasranamaTapasyananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Srimad Bhagavata An IntroductionTapasyananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Swami Turiyananda Life and TeachingsRitajananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
The Call of The SpiritNiramayananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
The Mother As I Saw HerSaradeshananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
The Saga of a Great SoulVividishananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Sri Ramakrishna As I Saw HimSwami VivekanandaAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
The Visions Of Sri RamakrishnaSwami YogeshanandaAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Sri Ramakrishna The Great MasterSaradananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Sri Ramakrishna Life And TeachingsTapasyananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Tales and Parables of Sri RamakrishnaSri RamakrishnaNoNoNoNoEnglish
The Early History of the Ramakrishna MovementPrabhananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Belur Math PilgrimageAsutoshananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Sri Sarada Devi The Holy Mother Life and TeachingsTapasyananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Swami Vivekananda His Life and LegacyTapasyananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Inspired TalksVivekananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Concentration and MeditationParamananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
How to Seek GodYatiswarananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Sri Ramakrishna A BiographyNikhilananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Journeys with RamakrishnaPrabhananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Thoughts of Peace and HolinessCompilationAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Sri Ramakrishna In Todays Violent WorldCompilationNoNoNoNoEnglish
Life of Sri RamanujaRamakrishnananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
God and Divine IncarnationsRamakrishnananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
For Thinkers on EducationRamakrishnananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
The Soul of ManRamakrishnananda SwamAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
The Universe and ManRamakrishnananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Sri Krishna Pastoral And King MakerRamakrishnananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Reminiscences of Swami BrahmanandaBhaskarananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Swami Vivekanandas Concept of ServiceSwahananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Sayings of Sri RamakrishnaCompilationNoNoNoNoEnglish
Monasticism Ideal and TraditionsA Vedanta Kesari PresentationAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Yoga Its Various AspectsCompilationAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Learn to Live Volume 1Jagadatmananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Learn to Live Volume 2Jagadatmananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Bhakti Schools of VedantaTapasyananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Book of Daily Thoughts and PrayersParamananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Man and His MindNihsreyasananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi(Gambhirananda)Gambhirananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
The Gospel of the Holy MotherCompilationAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Search after HappinessRamakrishnananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
A Yankee and the SwamisVidyatmananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Some Guidelines to Inner LifeGokulananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Essentials of Spiritual LifeYatiswarananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Srimad RamayanaSarma D SAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Overcoming AngerBudhananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
No One Is A StrangerA Vedanta Kesari PresentationAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Yoga for BeginnersGnaneswarananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Health Medicine and ReligionBrahmeshananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Reincarnation and ImmortalityParamananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
The Practice of MeditationRitajananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Vedanta In PracticeParamananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Vedanta For AllSatprakasananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
The Sermon On the Mount According To VedantaPrabhavananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
From the Unreal to the RealBhashyananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Channelling Youth PowerA Vedanta Kesari PresentationNoNoNoNoEnglish
Dharma and Its PracticeA Vedanta Kesari PresentationNoNoNoNoEnglish
How to Shape the PersonalityA Vedanta Kesari PresentationNoNoNoNoEnglish
Spiritual Life for Modern TimesVireswarananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Facets of FreedomA Vedanta Kesari PresentationAvailableNoNoNoEnglish
Gita for Everyday LivingSwami AtmashraddhanandaAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Upanishads in Daily LifeSwami AtmashraddhanandaAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Bhagavad Gita for StudentsAtmashraddhananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Message of the Bhagavad GitaSwami AtmashraddhanandaAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Way to PeaceSwami AtmashraddhanandaAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Healthy Mind Healthy Body: New Thoughts on HealthSwami BrahmeshanandaAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Swami Brahmananda As We Saw HimAtmashraddhananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Swami Vivekananda An IntuItive ScientistMurthy TG KAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Sri Sarada Devi The Holy MotherTapasyananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Values The Key To A Meaningful LifeSwami GautamanandaAvailableAvailableAvailableNoEnglish
Swami Adbhutananda As We Saw HimChandrashekhar ChattopadhyayAvailableNoNoNoEnglish
Holy Trio and Their MissionBhajanananda SwamiNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
Sri Ramakrishna The Personification Of Gods And GoddessesRasipuram RamabadranNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
Worship of Sri RamakrishnaHitananda SwamiNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
Alasinga Perumal (English)Sunirmalananda SwamiNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
Like The Gentle DewAtmashraddhananda SwamiNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
Jivanmukti VivekaHarshananda SwamiNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
A Pilgrimage to Kanyakumari and RameshwaramAtmashraddhananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableEnglish
Indias Heritage Vedas To Sri RamakrishnaVenkataramana Reddy GNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
Adversities are OpportunitiesSunirmalananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableEnglish
Manifestations of Lord SivaVenkatachari K ProfNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
Pictorial MahabharataRaghaveshananda SwamiNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
Religious Lessons for ChildrenRaghaveshananda SwamiNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
Stories of Lord SivaCompilationNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
The Sixty Three Nayanmars An IntroductionGowri Rajagopal SmtNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
Stories of the Devotees of Lord SivaCompilationNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
Swami Ramakrishnananda As We Saw HimCompilationAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableEnglish
Aditya Hridayam (E)Venkatasubramanyam SNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
Sri Ramakrishna KarnamritamOttur Bala BhattaNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
Swami Ramakrishnananda A Portrait in PictureAtmashraddhananda SwamiNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
Alayam The Hindu TempleVenkataramana Reddy GNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
Ancient Indian GreatsLalitha Ramakrishna DrNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
Glimpses of Swami Vivekanandas Heroic StruggleTathagatananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableEnglish
Great Women of India Volume 2Ramani S DrNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
Great Women of India Volume 5Ramani S DrNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
Hindu Gods and GoddessesHarshananda SwamiNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
HinduismVivekananda SwamiNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
Holy Mother Swamiji and Direct Disciples At MadrasCompilationNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
How to Organise LifeA Vedanta Kesari PresentationAvailableNoAvailableNoEnglish
In the Life of Swami VivekanandaVimurtananda SwamiNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
Jai HanumanSwami RaghaveshanandaNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
Path of DevotionParamananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableEnglish
Photographs of Sri Ramakrishna Sarada DeviVidyatmananda SwamiNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
Photographs of Swami VivekanandaCompilationNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
The Problem of Life and DeathParamananda SwamiNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
Self MasteryParamananda SwamiNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
Spiritual HealingParamananda SwamiNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
Sri Sankara - PictorialRaghaveshananda SwamiNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
Swami Ramakrishnananda The Apostle of Sri Ramakrishna to the SouthTapasyananda SwamiNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
The Complete Works of Swami Ramakrishnananda Vol1Ramakrishnananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableEnglish
The Complete Works of Swami Ramakrishnananda Vol2Ramakrishnananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableEnglish
The Complete Works of Swami Ramakrishnananda Vol3Ramakrishnananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableEnglish
Two Great Worshippers of Sri RamakrishnaBudhananda SwamiNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
Vivekananda IllamAtmashraddhananda SwamiNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
Chittira Periya PuranamA. S. JnanasambandanNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
Swami Vivekananda (Pictorial)Raghaveshananda SwamiNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
Swami Vivekananda Awakener of Modern IndiaRamakrishnan RNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
Teachings of Sri Sarada Devi The Holy MotherVireswarananda SwamiAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableEnglish
The Six Systems of Hindu Philosophy A PrimerHarshananda SwamiNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
The Way of Peace and BlessednessParamananda SwamiNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
The Wonder That Was SaradadeviHarshananda SwamiNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
Universal Temple Dedicated to SRKVenkataramana Reddy GNoNoNoAvailableEnglish
Twilight Service to Sri Ramakrishna AratiVivekananda SwamiNoNoNoAvailableEnglish

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1) What is an eBook?

An eBook is a book-length publication in digital form, consisting of text and images that could be readable on eBook Readers (Kindle/Nook), Tablet Computers (iPad/Android Tablets) and smartphones (iPhone/Android Phones).

2) How do I get your ebooks?

  1. Vedanta eBook App
  2. Apple iBooks Store
  3. Amazon Kindle Store
  4. B&N Nook Store

3) What is Vedanta eBook App? How can I get books from there?

Vedanta eBook App is an iOS app available on Apple iTunes store that could be installed on to your Apple iPad/iPhone/iTouch. With the App, you can browse eBooks in PDF Format and buy them instantly using Apple in-app purchase method with your Apple iTunes ID. As an added advantage, you get access to a larger collection of eBooks especially the content containing multi-lingual content.

4) How do I download your Vedanta eBooks App?

Please visit the Apple iBook Section and click "Download App now". This will take you to the iTunes Page for download.

5) Do you have Vedanta eBooks App for other platforms?

Currently, the App is restricted to Apple iOS Platforms. However, eBooks are available on Kindle and Nook for Android, Windows and Mac platforms

6) I have multiple Apple Devices - iPhone, iPad and iTouch. Can I sync eBooks bought with App across multiple devices?

We have a proprietary DRM protection in the App and hence the eBooks are restricted to only one device. Please note that this applies only to Vedanta eBook App. For Individual Apple iBooks bought through iBookStore, you can sync across multiple Apple Devices.

7) I have lost my Apple Device. What happens to my eBooks bought with the App?

You have to send us by email one of your previous transaction id processed during your earlier purchases and we will enable the ebooks on your new device. For Individual Apple iBooks bought through iBookStore, you can sync it back from Apple iCloud

8) What languages do you support in your Vedanta eBook App?

English, Sanskrit and Tamil

9) Can I buy titles directly from Apple iBookstore without using your App?

Yes, we also have titles in Apple iBookstore that are in ePub Format. The list of titles can be seen in Apple iBooks section in our webpage.

10) I see some of your eBooks in Apple iBookstore and some in Vedanta eBookstore? Which one should I choose?

Scriptural books that are using multi-lingual content (Sanskrit, English and Tamil) and Photographic Books that are heavy in imagery are available only in Vedanta eBookstore in PDF format. But for eBooks that have English content mainly in text format, we have published those in Apple iBookstore in ePub format. We strongly suggest you use both apps since our book collection is not duplicated across both the stores.

11) I don't have a Apple Device, what are my options for reading eBooks?

We sell eBooks (AZW/Mobi PRC and ePub) optimized for Kindle and Nook eBook Readers respectively. The list of titles can be seen in Kindle/Nook section in our webpage. The Kindle/Nook software is also available for PC/Mac and Android platforms.

12) I primarily use an Amazon (or) B&N Account, but also own an Apple Device, what are my options for reading eBooks?

All you need to do is download the Kindle iOS App (or) Nook iOS app and start reading the eBooks.

13) How do I purchase your eBooks?

All you need is an Apple iTunes account with credit card information filled in and you will be able to buy the books instantly for Apple Devices. For Kindle/Nook platform, you need to have Kindle/Nook account with Amazon (or) Barnes and Noble.

14) How are eBooks delivered?

All our eBooks are delivered via download only. Upon purchasing an eBook, you will be presented a Download option which allows you to download and save your eBook locally on your device.

15) Can I read my eBook as soon as I purchase it?

If you have purchased eBooks before then yes you can. If this is the first time purchasing an eBook then you will need to install the appropriate reader first onto your device.

16) I downloaded an ebook but I get an error message when I try to open it.

A common problem is that some interruption during the download process can cause an ebook file to become corrupted. The only way to solve this problem is to download the ebook again.

17) Do I have to be connected to the Internet to view/open my ebook?

An Internet connection is only required when downloading the ebook for the first time. Once the ebook is downloaded and saved, you don't need an Internet connection to start reading your ebook.

18) Can I see a preview of eBook?

Yes. A preview of eBook is available for some titles.

19) What is DRM? Do you use it?

DRM is Digital Rights Management. Publishers are required to protect and prevent the illegal distribution of copyrighted material. All of the content published by Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai is copyrighted by Ramakrishna Math and Mission.

20) Can I return an eBook and get a refund?

We sell through Amazon/Nook/Apple stores. So, you need to contact them directly for refunds.

21) Can I see your catalog?

At the end of site, there is a eBook listing with title search. Please search for your preferred book

21) I don't see the entire catalog in your eBook collection. When can we see more books?

We are working hard in digitizing all our titles and make it available through our Apple iOS App and on all major eBook stores.

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